No matter how impure our life is right now, God offers us a fresh start. We can have our sins washed away, receive a new heart form God and have His Spirit, within us – If we accept God’s promise. Why try to patch up our old life when we can have a new one? Get cleaned up.God said His people should be ashamed of our sins. People have become so callous that they have lost all sensitivity to certain sin. If we measure ourselves against God’s standards of right living, we will be ashamed. We must recognize our sin for what it is, feel sorry for displeasing God, and ask His forgiveness. The Holy Spirit will guide us. People can rationalize anything if they have no standards for judging right and wrong. We can always prove that we are right. Before putting plans into action ask, Is this plan in harmony with God’s truth? Will our plan work under real-life conditions? Is our attitude pleasing to God? Take time to pray. Between you and God, you are sure to make wise decisions. Get cleaned up.Just as we get physical checkups, we should give ourselves spiritual checkups. We should look for a growing awareness of Christ’s presence and power in our lives. Only then will we know if we are true or merely imposters. If we’re not taking active steps to grow closer to God, we are drawing further away from Him. Just as parents want their children to grow into mature adults, we need to grow into mature believers in our faith. Don’t set your sights too low.Our broken relationships can hinder our relationship with God. If we have problems with friends, we should resolve the problem as soon as possible. We are hypocrites if we claim to love God while we hate others. Our attitudes toward others reflect our relationship with God. Get things right with our brothers and sisters before we have to stand before God. Website Design . God wants our hearts to be right with Him. The key to seeing God make things happen in our life is to commit ourselves to being open to the changes He wants to make in our heart. Get cleaned up.Leprosy like AIDS today was a terrifying disease because there was no known cure. Sin is also an incurable disease – and all have it. Only Christ’s healing touch can miraculously take away our sins and restore us to real living. First, just like the leprosy, we must realize our inability to cure ourselves and ask for Christ’s saving help. He’s willing.Have you ever needed help? Of course you have. You may need help right now. All of us need help at some time or another. None of us is immune to the storms of life. The Good News is God sent the Holy Spirit to go with us through the storms. He was sent to help us with every’ trial. furnaces Spruces PA . You may be going through something right at this very moment. The Holy Spirit is there, right now, ready and willing to help, even as you read this. If we become aware of God’s presence in us, there isn’t anything that the devil can throw at us that we can’t handle. equestrian website design . We have victory that He promises to help us by His Spirit. He’s willing.Jesus is willing to help us. He mediates between God and us. As humanity’s representative. He assures us God’s forgiveness. Jesus is truly God and truly man. Christ is always at God’s right hand, interceding for us. He is always available to hear us when we pray. We can be comforted knowing that Jesus faced temptation without giving in to sin. He shows us that we do not have to give in when facing the lure of temptations. It takes concentration and extra effort to avoid it. Sin comes in all shapes and sizes – jealousy, drugs, alcohol, being irresponsible, manipulation, food, anger, laziness, pornography or money. It’s a weakness that’s hard to control – once you’re in the habit of giving in to it. When we ask the Lord for strength to overcome, we can be sure that we are talking to Someone who understands. He took on our weaknesses. He walked in our shoes. He’s felt what we feel, but He showed us how not to give in. We can talk to Him. We can count on Him. He’s there to help us overcome. Sin blurs our vision of God; so if we want to see God, we must renounce sin and obey Him. Without God, life’s problems have no lasting solutions. Get cleaned up.Why cling to broken promises? God promises to constantly refresh us with Himself, the Living Water.