Guard the gate of your heartagainst hopelessness.Refuse to listen to those who criticize us for our faith, or go against what God wants, or encourage you to make fun of God. Don’t listen. We are blessed. We are delighted when we think about what God says. This gives us joy to do what pleases Him. Do your friends help you build your faith, or do they tear it down ? True friends should help you grow closer to God, not hinder you.Guard the gate of your heart against discouragement. There are always pressures that will discourage and work against us. The cure for that is to focus on God’s purposes. Remind yourself of your calling, your goals, and God’s promises. If you are overwhelmed and discouraged by your assignment, remember God’s purpose for your life. Guard the gate of your heart against fear. We can express our feelings to God and reaffirm our faith. Prayer can release our tensions and fears in times of over emotional stress. Trusting in God to cover us in times of need will change our entire outlook on life. Fear of people, can hamper everything we try to do. Fear of God -respect, reverence and trust- is liberating. Why fear people; instead, fear God who can turn harm intended into good for those who trust Him. When we are resting in God’s strength, nothing can shake us.Guard the gate of your heart against complacency. Prayer is essential because God’s strength can shore up our defenses and defeat Satan’s power. God is teaching us and revealing His truth. If we practice what we hear, He will reveal more to us. The more understanding we get the more truth we receive. When we study God’s Word and live by it’s instructions each day; we are practicing and preparing for our life with Christ. The most important event in our life is to prepare for His return. It takes time to practice. Don’t put it off. He’s returning and that’s the truth.Guard the gate of your hear against indifference. Take God’s message to others. When Christians preach the gospel, it is good news to some and repulsive news to others. We need to focus on what Christ can do through us, not on what we can’t do by ourselves. It is required when serving Christ. The Bible is our safeguard. It alerts us to corrections we need to make in our though attitudes and actions. Look at life from God’s prospective and seek what He desire.