No one not even one who has not heard of the Bible or of Christ has an excuse for not honoring God. The whole world reveals Him. Nobody has an excuse for not believing in God. God has revealed what He is like in and through His creation. Every person either accepts or rejects Him. Accept Him, It’s Best.

God does not change His mind. In order to fulfill His purpose, He may have mercy on us even in our disobedience. God is not planning to move away from us, but we often move far from Him or put a barrier between ourselves and Him. Don’t wait until you have drifted so far away that you can’t get back over the wall. Don’t wait too late, now It’s Best. God is absolutely loyal to His Word and His love. We cannot buy or sell it, but we can share it. It is a freely given gift from God. We may have an agenda when we give gifts, but God will accomplish what is to be done. He gave His Son so we can all be His sons. He has a plan for His sons’ salvation. He wants us to live with Him eternally. It’s Best.How’s your faith? You know it’s impossible to please God without it. We’ve got to have faith. We have to believe in things we don’t see. God does give us dreams and ideas; and most of the time they’ll seem bigger than our abilities and resources. He wants us to be absolutely confident that He can make it happen. Believe the Bible. Let God show you He means business. He’s good for His Word. Believing Him pleases Him and, It’s Best.Sometimes we take our eyes off of God’s purposes. We start feeling sorry for ourself. We become angry, hurt, and afraid. In prayer, we can tell God our thoughts. God expects us to trust Him, no matter what. We are also here to influence others for God. It’s Best. At some point, we just don’t get it. We can’t wrap our arms around it. Our brains won’t comprehend or process it. Sometimes we don’t understand why we do things. God does. He sees the big picture., and understands. He gives flawless directions and His advice is perfect. Laugh, it’s pain-relieving medicine. Be encouraged, there is hope. Trust and praise the Lord, always. termite pest control . child support attorneys . It’s Best.