Calendars and commentary are available for download every month.  The title and commentary for each calendar will also be posted as a blog prior to the actual calendar being released.  Praying Families Network is available to all.  You can be a blessing to everyone you know by directing them to this website.

Thank you in advance!

2015 Calendars

  May2015_Calendar.xlsx (142.8 KiB, 12 hits)

  April2015_Calendar.xlsx (141.1 KiB, 25 hits)

  March2015_Calendar.xlsx (141.6 KiB, 28 hits)

  February2015_Calendar.xlsx (139.6 KiB, 27 hits)

  January2015_Calendar.xlsx (138.8 KiB, 45 hits)

2015 Commentary

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2014 Commentary

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