October 2011 Commentary:

Though we may know what God wants us to do, we can become sidetracked by the desires of our heart.

Sometimes we lash out at others because we have done things and do not want to take the blame. Others may have hurt us. We may have put ourselves in a position and can’t or don’t know the way out. Lashing out at others can be a sign there is something wrong with us. Don’t allow your hurt, to lead you to hurt others. earth friendly products . I’ts human nature to blame others when trouble comes their way but if it’s you, it has to be a mistake.We need to submit to following God’s directions completely instead of trying to do it our way. We need to keep reminding ourselves that our victories come from following the Lord’s instructions and not by our might.Once we honor God and acknowledge His presence, recalling how He loves us; we can present our hurts, frustrations and needs to Him. We can tell Him all about our troubles. God will not eliminate all our problems but it will make our faith grow if we stay close to Him. If we feed on God’s Word, we will find that it makes us stronger in our faith. Satan’s job is to make us doubt Him but our job is to look toward and follow God. We are sure to hear His voice any place we are at. florida injury lawyer . God’s Words are right and true – they can be trusted. God never lies, never changes, never forgets His word, or leaves His promises unfulfilled.

God’s Word is life-changing. It reveals who we are and what we are not. We cannot only listen to the Word; we must also let it shape our lives.

Nothing can be hidden from God. dallas teeth whitening . He knows about everyone everywhere, and everything aboout us is wide open to His all-seeing eyes. God sees all we do and knows all we think. Even when we are unaware of His presence, He is there. When we try to hide from Him, He sees us. God surrounds us.

God cannot be shaken by the changes in our world and He endures forever. He is not a new fad, fake or idea. Trust in God, because He neve changes.When God returns, there will be completeness of judgment that will be executed to all evildoers. All believers are God’s chosen people. We are all to share in the responsibility to represent Him to the world.Don’t be mislead. Choose the only way to find peace and rest for your soul. Walk on God’s path. God is truth. He is the standard for all teachings. We can always trust His Word as absolute truth. His Word is completely accurate and against it we can measure all other teaching! Remember the benefits of standing firm, and continue to live for Christ,