Praying Families Network is a loving online community who endeavors to encourage people all around the world to pray for one another, testify of the goodness of God and edify the downhearted.  If  you are honest with yourself, there has been some point in your life where you felt like no one understood what you were going through or didn’t care.  That’s why we want you to become a part of the family.  That day you need us or you’re lead to encourage someone else, you can just come to your family that is always here.


Giving birth to a brand new generational outreach.  God has commissioned the Praying Families Network to lead people closer to God through prayer, bible reading and fasting.

We are accomplishing our mission through:

  • Subscription to a free monthly devotional calendar.
  • Free and purchased resource materials.
  • Building a loving online community where you can receive prayer, give your testimony and be edified.


      • Lead unbelievers to Jesus’ plan of salvation
      • Lead you closer to God through prayer, bible reading and fasting
      • Encourage personal and family devotions
      • Provide God inspired topics of scripture to facilitate prayer
      • Helping you gain a better understanding of God’s word
      • Experience deliverance and healing
      • For you to expect biblical miracles, signs and wonders when you pray